Friday, November 7, 2008

Double Dorie: Rugelach and Kugelhopf

Say that five times fast.
I've been a little behind on the Tuesdays with Dorie train, (was there a major national event somewhere in there...?), but yesterday was catchup day. I woke up around 9:30, and by ten there was rugelach dough chilling in the refrigerator. It's a cream cheese dough, a title which belies the equal proportions of butter also included, and it is made in the food processor, and takes approximately five seconds. Catherine, are you paying attention? Making rugelach is a project consuming less than an hour, tops. You chill the dough, and while it's chilling, you mix up a little kugelhopf.Dorie recommends a mixer for this dough, which is almost like a brioche, but as I don't have one, and didn't have the patience to mix by hand for more than ten minutes, I just beat it up as long as I cared to and called it a day. It was nice to have a brioche-type yeast dough that didn't require extremely messy and sticky kneading. I just stuck the blob in a bowl, let it rise for an hour and half, then stuck it in the fridge and poked it every half hour for a few more hours, then let it alone.After the rugelach dough was done chilling, I rolled it out into a 'circle,' spread a mixture of quince jam and pear butter on it, and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. Then I added chopped almonds. I skipped the chocolate because it seemed like overkill. Sliced the little sucker up with a pizza cutter, rolled up the triangles into messy crescents, e voila! Jam leaks out, but who cares? These are forgiving pastries. You just freeze or refrigerate them for a little bit, then brush them with an egg wash, sprinkle with sugar, and into the oven.Then, when they come out, they look like this:When they look like that, they taste like heaven, and because I made tiny little ones, it's almost impossible to stop eating them.
Later in the day, I tucked the kugelhopf dough into my tiny muffin pan and baked it up. Kugelhopf is supposed to be made in a specially shaped pan, and then brushed with butter and sugar, so what I wound up with is a little more like mini-brioches, but no one is complaining. They were soft and sweet and lovely.


Catherine said...

oh, believe me, whenever the word "rugelach" is mentioned, my ears perk up.

Bungalow Barbara said...

Rugelach AND Kugelhopf -- they both look great!