Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pane di Genzano in a Basket

I'm blogging on deadline here, or more specifically writing a paper on deadline, thus not supposed to be blogging, but I thought you might like to see some pictures of my first successful attempt at getting pretty ridges on my bread. This is Pane di Genzano from Local Breads, proofed in a breadbasket, or 'makeshift banneton.' I just dusted hell out of the basket with flour and hoped that its sharp ridges wouldn't become a problem. They didn't, and the result was rather lovely.
I also tried out the whole wheat version this time--it was very soft and wet but not unmanageable at all. I formed it into long, sort of shapeless loaves, like this one.
It baked very quickly, almost burning, and the taste was good, a little more complex than the white in the one side by side tasting I did.


Joan said...

That is one fine-looking loaf!

Mark said...

Just read a bunch of your blogs from the past several months. Lots of fun and a little window into (parts of) your life.