Tuesday, January 26, 2010

BBA Catch-Up

I'm having some trouble following directions, and I've been baking BBA breads out of order. To catch up a bit, here are some pictures. Reinhart's Pain de Campagne, Pane Siciliano, and Potato Rosemary Bread all use some form of pate fermentee or biga (Italian starter), which can easily be substituted for one another. Because the Pane Siciliano was the first thing I made from the book, and I've made it several times since, I skipped it this week, but here's the link to an earlier post.

With my batch of pate fermentee, I made a half recipe of Pain de Campagne, in the bread baker. It was very good, and surprisingly soft--used to my sourdough, I'd expected a sharp crust and a wide open crumb, but this formula made more of a sandwich bread.

Pizza Napolitana, also made a while ago, was good, though it hasn't become my go to pizza dough. I'm still looking for that.

I made a wonderful Sweet Potato Rosemary Bread, both in and out of the baker. Both loaves tasted wonderful, but the one in the baker was able to retain more of the beautiful sweet potato color. That's it for now, I'm skipping Panettone, and look out for Poolish Baguettes and a return to order shortly.


Anonymous said...

The colour of the sweet potato bread looks so pretty. Do you think the soft texture of your breads is due to the clay baker?

misterrios said...

Oh, wow, that sweet sweet potato color is amazing. Beautiful loaves! Just a question, though. Are you scoring the breads in the clay baker, or do they tear that way by themselves?