Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tuesdays with Dorie: Dulce de Leche Duos

A little late, but here they are. These are kind of a basic ginger cookie, but with a large helping of dulce de leche thrown in. Any chance to buy a jar of dulce de leche makes it a nostalgic event, throwback to my semester abroad in Buenos Aires, where every sweet, by law, must include the chalky caramel goodness of dulce de leche. One bite and I'm drunk on the the street at four in the morning, savoring my first alfajor with a mohawked lesbian named Valeria, who insists on at least two of these triple-decker individually wrapped chocolate dipped cookies before we get the bus to god-knows-where...good times. 

 The cookies were, unsurprisingly, sticky to scoop, and a bit lumpy. The dulce de leche flavor didn't really come through, they were just like sweeter molasses cookies, but when their softness was sandwiched with some more dulce de leche...che, que rico...


CB said...

Hey I think I know that mohawk-ed lesbian named Valeria too. Mine was in SF but we weren't eating cookies together. HA HA! Your cookies look all nice and puffy. Glad you enjoyed the cookies!

Catherine said...