Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Heavenly Cake Bakers: Banana Refrigerator Cake

Oh banana cake, delicious banana cake. You are just like rich banana bread. I didn't have my food processor with me at the bakery, so I mushed bananas and sour cream by hand, and did the rest with a hand mixer.
I didn't get wonderful pictures this week, but the cake was perfect, light and moist and sweet. I had a little more trouble with the frosting. I think it's difficult making frostings in such small quantities, harder to control temperatures, more finicky, especially when they involve a sugar syrup (see next week's wonderful whoopie pies...).
In this case though, I think I just didn't love the Dreamy Creamy White Chocolate Frosting, which is essentially a mix of sour cream, cream cheese, and white chocolate. My chocolate seized, giving it a slightly less dreamy creamy texture, but it did taste good.

Although I doubled the recipe for my two-layer cake, I realized that that still wasn't really enough to fill and frost, as this amount was just supposed to be spread on top. It wasn't looking so beautiful, so I added some wonky buttercream stars. All in all, not my best effort visually, but tasted great. Visuals count though, it wasn't that great a seller.

I think, ultimately, that this one isn't an elegant cake, and would be better served in the manner that one of my fellow bloggers seems to have done, sheet cake, with icing on top. Next week, we continue in the 'inelegant but tasty' category with whoopie pies, vanilla, and, if I get to it, raspberry.


Vicki said...

I debated about making cupcakes and wish I would have. I think it will make super cupcakes with the frosting.

Unknown said...

It was not a great seller? Really?... to bad, they had NO IDEA what they were missing! Plus, sorry, the cake looks good I like your flowery piping.