Friday, August 6, 2010

Take That, Annette Bening

This summer has been notable for an entire lack of movies that I am willing to see. Usually there's at least one enjoyable summer blockbuster to save me from the heat. I have a reasonably low threshold when the temperature rises above 90 degrees, but seriously...I'm supposed to watch Inception? Salt? GROWN UPS? The big action movie of the summer is...whatever it is, it's not as fun as Star Trek. The awesome animated film is...Toy Story 3????!! This is lame, people. And I am not happy that Harry Potter, lame as the movies have been, has given way to Twilight. I have limits to my trashy movies, and thinly disguised anti-feminist abstinence-pushing does fall outside of them, much as I'd probably like to succumb.

I did, however, get moderate enjoyment from The Kids are All Right. So, thanks, Lisa Cholodenko. I was particularly amused that Mark Ruffalo's free-wheeling aging hipster character was an urban farmer and sustainable restaurateur. Is it just me, or would he have totally been in an indie rock band or something if this movie had been made in 1999? Urban farming is totally the it girl. If it were Brooklyn, he would have been pickling something, or running a small brewery. Also amusing, although somewhat tiredly written, was Annette Bening's character's denouncement of that totem of seasonality, the heirloom tomato.

But could she have resisted this one, which came in my CSA share yesterday?
This moon-surfaced monstrosity is a Cherokee Purple, and I'm sorry, Annette, but I'm pretty impressed, especially after last year's tomato blight ate most of our CSA tomatoes.

Also, back to TKAAR (nice abbreviation), where exactly are they supposed to live, and can I move there?


Vicki said...

I've always wondered if there's much difference in flavor with the heirloom tomatoes. They certainly have more character!

Jenn said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought this summer's movie are LAME! Though I saw Inception and it's pretty good.

Joan said...

Katya - haven't yet seen the film but you do, of course, know where they would live!
love dad
ps - nice tomato