Sunday, May 1, 2011

Son of Pain au Levain

I've been so busy at SCRATCHbread that I don't think I've made old-fashioned, kneaded, bake-on-a-stone bread in months, at least at home. This week, two samples of Hamelman's Pain au Levain recipe, baked at 440 on my baking stone. The one on the right is exactly the same, except that it was rolled in flaxseeds. The inspiration for this bake was an illicit gift that I passed on over Passover to my cousin Alexander. As we all ate our unleavened bread, I slipped him a jar of contraband sourdough starter under the table. While advising him how to bake with it, it occurred to me how long it had been since my starter made anything but Tartine-style bread.

Alexander, incidentally, has christened his starter "Mattya."

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