Wednesday, June 22, 2011

This and That

First, the Heavenly Cake Bakers (Cont.) are making Mud Turtle Cupcakes. Here's the link to mine. Incidentally, I realize I never posted the Lisbon updates to which the post refers. Been a busy spring.

Secondly, a query--I just made some carnitas and allowed the (very charming) butcher to sell me a piece of pork butt with several inches of thick fat on it, which then had to be trimmed off. I now have several pieces of thick, expensive (raw) pork fat in my freezer...any ideas? Render for lard?


Marie said...

Are you still there?

Katya said...

I'm here, Marie, I've been on vacation and contemplating blog changes, plus Matt left town with my photos. I'll be back soon. It's good to know people care!