Sunday, October 25, 2015

Alpha Bakers - Cookie Strudel

Thanks to my new obsession, The Great British Baking Show, I've really been wanting to step up my game. Home baking is home baking, and I usually am just fine with letting my work look sloppy and skipping the chocolate shapes, but the level of inventiveness and simple excellence the contestants display is working on me. So of course, when I went to make some simple cookie strudel, it stayed true to my true nature and tasted great but looked a mess. 

True strudel is a paperlike multi-layered dough, preferably eaten at the Hungarian Pastry Shop opposite the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, but this here cookie strudel is something closer in nature to rugelach. The dough is delicate, though, and very buttery, so it does get a convincing flake on. It's a simple mixture -- flour and salt with butter and sour cream (in this case bulgarian full-fat yogurt, with some water drained out). 
The dough is chilled, rolled out, and rolled up with jam (Wild Plum Jelly, in point of fact), nuts (pistachio and flaked almond), and currants. We were then instructed to make some small slits for steam to escape.

Pretty sure I made mine too large. 
All the same, the general premise was very successful and the final cookie strudel was significantly delicious. I definitely had at least three large pieces.


Unknown said...

I had to giggle a bit at the gaping slits but don't worry I have plenty of accidental finger holes in my pastry which are spewing lava. These were delicious anyway.

Vicki said...

The combination wild plum jam with pistachio and almond sounds delicious. Thanks for the heads up with the slashing. Would very much like to visit the Hungarian Pastry Shop.

evil cake lady said...

Plum with pistachios and almonds sounds like a great alternative. I'm in love with the great british baking show, too

Faithy said...

Even with the spill on the sides, it looks delicious! I want to make this weekend.