Sunday, November 1, 2015

Alpha Bakers - Marble in Reverse

Costumes are the greatest. If someone would just make me a costume every morning and lay it out for me, I would never stop cosplaying. I love dressing up, especially if someone else does the hard part. When it goes well, I love Halloween, especially because I also love candy and running around outside at night. This year, most of the running around was done during the day, but I did get the chance to see some suburban costume action (first prize to the 10 year old girl who went all in as a toilet). 

The sugary part of the night was embodied in a ridiculous birthday cake that I made for my dear friend, the second in a yearly series of cakes based on Herrell's Ice Cream flavors. Last year I made 'Cafe L'Orange' in fluffy sponge and coffee mousseline. 

This year, the flavor inspiration was Malted Chocolate & Vanilla. The final product was an unfrosted beauty alternating layers of banana cake and chocolate chip malt cake with layers of chocolate malted Bavarian cream, malted whipped cream and Whoppers. 
After all that cake-making, I didn't think I had enough chocolate left to make the reverse marble bundt that was this week's Alpha Baker project, but I plundered the leftover Halloween candy (news flash: orange KitKats are great) and made my marble out of fun size Hershey bars instead of the the dark chocolate called for. I threw in the towel when it came to making the ganache topping, though. Enough is enough. 

The cake came out beautifully, with a very light texture. I sent a picture to a friend, who exclaimed that it looked 'delicious and also a bit like a butt.' 


Vicki said...

Your friend, like the rest of the world, has probably been unwillingly inundated with media photos of the Kardashian derrieres. This cake is a much better option. The Whopper Malt cake sounds amazing.

Unknown said...

When I was a kid, Malted Milk Balls were my all time favourite. Couldn't stop eating them. OMG, I still remember the fever I was in when I had a bag in my hand. I would love to bake malted milk things, but I can never seem to find malted sugar. I should try Amazon. Anyway,nice p most. I enjoyed it. And nice looking cake!

Unknown said...

Yum, malted anything is delicious. That cake sounds like a lot of work but definitely worth it for a good friend's birthday. The 'butt' cake looks good too:)

Rachel said...

Malt, mmmmmmm. I'm impressed you made the marble cake at all after that malted cake. It sounds like a lot of work!