Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Alpha Bakers -- Sugar Rose Brioche

The Sugar Rose Brioche, much like a Krantz Cake, is one of those fun baking jobs that delivers overtime in return for a small twist. Just by cutting a roll in half, an already impressive brioche becomes an impressive presentation.  To make this little masterpiece, all you need is some regular brioche dough. I used butter that was too cold in mine, so there were some bigger pieces left as it proved, but because it's folded a few times they smoothed out in the end with no trouble.

The only instruction I flubbed was the one to make a double recipe of the dough. Just as well, as I already had to dip into my stock of fancy expensive spreading butter to make one recipe. Too much pie dough happening. Curse you, Great British Baking Show (and WHY can I only access a season and a half when I KNOW there have been six????). All turned out well, though, I just scaled down, and baked it in a 7"x3" cake pan with a removable bottom and cut the baking time by about 10 minutes. Due to my recent bulk order of Baker's Joy, nothing stuck in the least. I went through the whole bake slowly, over 36 hours, and the loaf's small size allowed me to prove and bake thoroughly, while pitying some of those poor British bakers who had doughy centers.

The final result was lovely, with a light and mostly even crumb. Now I'm feeling a bit smug, so I'm sure I'm due a downfall.


Vicki said...

Okay, that is a simply perfect Rose Brioche! This is a great size you made. I howled with laughter when Nigella Lawson said she wouldn't even make it through the interview for The Great British Bake Off. Your bread has a nice cinnamon design inside.

Faithy said...

Your bread looks wonderful! I am loving how tall it looks!

Unknown said...

That last photo is great. I like the smaller size.