Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Alpha Bakers - Renee Fleming Chiffon

The Renee Fleming chiffon. Just a very good sponge. Made it one day, served it for tea the next. Squishy and pleasing. 

We discovered that a chiffon cake has one unanticipated advantage when you invite toddlers to tea. Very few crumbs.


Unknown said...

Who would guess that the Renee Fleming cake would also be good for toddlers?

Katya said...

Marie, I didn't make it with them in mind, but when you think about the kind of cake you'd like to hand to a little boy who is immediately going to squish it everywhere and run around with it, a slightly damp, light sponge is a really good bet.

Unknown said...

A great toddler cake - they would probably enjoy the very soft texture and plain taste too.