Sunday, January 16, 2011

Heavenly Cake Bakers: Free Choice Carrot Cake

Jill got to pick out this week's free choice cake, and after some thought she selected carrot cake. Rose's version is very sweet, filled with carrots and big fat raisins.
Rose pairs the cake with her Dreamy Creamy White Chocolate Frosting, but as I hadn't had much luck with that when I made it for the Banana Refrigerator Cake (and didn't have any white chocolate), I went with Dorie Greenspan's fairly classic recipe for cream cheese frosting.

My sister, on tasting it: "You should have made a cream cheese frosting."
Me: "I did. It is."
Liana: "Oh. It tastes like yogurt."

Jill was very pleased, and took these lovely photos for me. I made a small cake, proportional to the amount of carrots I had in house (approximately 1/3 of the recipe), and it didn't last very long at all.

I'm baking and cooking a lot, but also looking forward to a week in Lisbon, letting all the bakeries there bake for me. Eggy pastries, here I come.


Mendy said...


I loved Rose's carrot cake, I thought it was very classic.

Have fun in Lisbon!

Anonymous said...

I hope you do a post about Lisbon--it sounds like an enchanting city, and I really want to go there.
Nice cake, by the way, but I got so excited about the mention of Lisbon that I almost forgot about the cake.

Katya said...

Marie, I know. I'm so excited I almost forgot to do anything at all, including go to work...

Alpha Baker Joan said...

I love Rose's carrot cake too. Your frosting sounds nice also.
Have fun in Lisbon