Monday, April 28, 2008

Corn-Rye No Knead (x2)

Here's a slightly sheepish truth about me. I'm competitive, and when I see something beautiful that someone else has baked, some itch in me starts up, and within a week or two, I usually try it myself. Thus it is that this weekend I decided it was time to give Judy's Corn-Rye No Knead Bread a shot. I don't have a picture because it didn't look so great, but mostly because it was immediately consumed, because it was wonderful, especially the crunchy corn-infused crust. (I threw in an extra handful of corn flour in addition to the cornmeal, and that seemed to have a good effect.) I'll be making it again soon, and will post a picture whatever the results. For now, this is what the batter looks like:
Judy also has a new blog, which has customarily beautiful things on it.


Judith Motzkin Studio said...

I think the secret to making it photogenic is the right sized pot. But yummy whatever the look.
I think it would be fun to make a No Knead Bread Baker. But my wrists don't like the idea any more than they like kneading
We'll bake together this summer.
No competition from me dear.
You have inspired me to play with the blog. thanks.

Anonymous said...

If you don't eat it all at once, after a day out it can be cut melba thin...toast...cholesterol reducing spread and yum.