Monday, September 14, 2009

Bread Baker's Apprentice: Focaccia

The BBA challenge crawls on. I may not be speedy but I'll be there in the end.

This is Reinhart's second variation on Focaccia, which starts with 3 cups of poolish (preferment). He suggests fermenting the poolish (about the 'consistancy of wet pancake batter') overnight in the refrigerator, but I just left it on the counter, Daniel Leader style.

Then, I mixed the dough this morning before work, stretched and fermented a it a few times, and then stuck it in the refrigerator at 10am. Coming home around 5, I pulled it out, let it warm up a bit, then gave it its final stretch and fold, then let it rise.

When I was ready for the final proofing, I dimpled it (possibly not enough, it still rose high), spread it with oregano/garlic herb oil, and covered it with cherry tomatoes, dried onions, and bits of shitake mushroom and turkey sausage leftover from another dinner.

The final result seemed softer and taller than the picture in the book, but it was wonderfully tender due to all the oil the recipe required.


misterrios said...

Yum! Looks awesome. I don't have anything against Focaccia, but I probably would have liked mine better if it had cherry tomatoes, or if it had been a high riser like yours.

Cindy Feingold said...

Your foccacia looks wonderful. I love the conbination of ingredients you topped it with. I want to make this one again. I think it was all the oil that made me love it so much.