Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesdays with Dorie: Flaky Apple Turnovers

Mini apple pies.
These were mini apple pies.
There is nothing wrong with that at all.

Just, were they supposed to be different? I guess they were flaky? I loved eating them. I love apple pie. But flaky apple turnovers does imply something slightly different to me. Maybe it's because I used watery yogurt instead of the sour cream that was supposed to make them so flaky. I'm very interested to see other people's pictures of these.

In the meantime, little apple pies are all right in my book. Although I did think that the crust might have had too much butter.


Hindy said...

Your turnovers look so cute. I hope you enjoyed them!

Flourchild said...

The dough was hard to work with for me, but it did turn out flaky. Im glad you enjoyed them, they look yummy!

chocolatechic said...

They are lovely.

I used sour cream, and had to add some water to make the crust come together.

Jules Someone said...

Is there such a thing as too much butter? Glad you enjoyed these! Thanks for baking with me.

Anonymous said...

they reminded me of the mcd's apple pies but better!!

they do look good!