Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesdays with Dorie: Cottage Cheese Pufflets

First turnovers, now pufflets. These desserts appear in the cookie section of the book, but they are pretty much turnovers by another name, a very soft, flaky, deeply sticky dough. The chilled product seemed more like a very thick cake batter than a full on pie dough, but I underchilled it a bit, so perhaps the fact that it wasn't that easy to work with was my fault. The final product was turnover-like in feeling, but actually better than the flaky turnovers (at least this time--such temperamental doughs probably take a while to sort out to the point where they're consistent).

For the filling, I used gooseberry jam that I bought out of curiosity. Deeply ingrained associations ensured that most of the people who ate them referred to them as 'apple' turnovers regardless.


Paula said...

I got the same thing about "turnovers". Yours look wonderful.

Amanda said...

Sounded like many people had problems with the dough. Glad they worked out, I backed out this week :-p

Flourchild said...

Ya these were a trip to make but I actually thought they tasted yummy! I think yours look good and tasty!

Jacque said...

How funny that everyone thought they were apple turnovers, especially when we did those last week.

Anyway, great job, they look terrific!

Thanks for baking along this week :)